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Successful Organization of the 3rd VoCamp on “Energy using and producing Products: Interoperability and Modelling Issues”

Posted on Fri, Jul 26th 2013 by Site Admin

The 3rd VoCamp on "Energy using and producing Products (EupP): Interoperability and Modeling issues" was successfully held in Kaiserslautern on 13-14 June 2013.

In total, more than twenty experts around Europe participated to the workshop. The workshop evolved around ongoing activities on EupP interoperability, whereas the core objectives were to identify existing vocabularies and ontologies in the specific domain, understand current modeling approaches to EupP interoperability and their interaction with energy efficiency management systems (eeMS), while defining a reference model (core classes) and a reference modeling approach.

The main discussion topics of the workshop were:

  • Overview of current solutions for EupP interoperability
  • Identification of the core modeling approaches for EupP
  • Relevant methodologies and identification of the main drivers.
  • Establishment of a core, yet extensible, vocabulary for EeuP through interactive workshops
  • Definition of a follow-up action plan and establishment of a sound collaborative environment to support the future evolution of the core vocabulary defined in the workshop.

The work results and the proceedings of the 3rd VoCamp are available on the eeSemantics Wiki and are accessible through the following link:

An additional contribution to the VoCamp, made by Politecnico de Torino and focusing on Home and Building Automation Systems, is available at: