Project Exploitable Results

Adapt4EE Monitoring Module


The following video provides an overview of the measurements made in the project's pilot sites, regarding occupancy and relevant energy consumption, as they were monitored with the sensors installed in the monitored buildings.

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Adapt4EE Occupancy Tracking Module


The following videos present the Live occupancy tracking performed with the use of depth image cameras and RFID sensors in the 2 Adapt4EE pilot sites.

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Adapt4EE Simulation Suite


The following video presents the Adapt4EE agent-based simulation framework for the evaluation of performance of buildings, even from their early design phases.

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Adapt4EE Visual Analytics for Architects and Engineers


The Adapt4EE Visual Analytics tool supports the spatiotemporal analysis of large volumes of space occupancy and energy consumption data. The tool allows the user to compare space occupancy data to energy consumption data, correlate them and link them to business and comfort aspects in a building. Moreover, the Visual Analytics tool supports design and energy management decisions by visualizing the results of simulations on energy efficiency under different design decisions, in terms of energy consumption, business performance and occupant comfort. A video presentation of the tool is available here.

Visualization of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Detailed spatio-temporal analysis of building performance

Visualization of buildings’ energy-related components interrelation among each other

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