Open Reference Models

Within the Adapt4EE project, a variety of open reference business process models have been created for the healthcare and software development domains. The packages are available here to download, reuse and change if necessary. The open models are seen as a starting point in the development of opens models for other domains that the Adapt4EE tools could address in the future. The packages consist of both the detailed business process models and also the aggregated skeleton activity models that were developed as part of the project.

The open models are targeted to the AEC community and other Adapt4EE stakeholders interested in building simulation so that they can use real business process information in their simulation model rather than just average values for the purposes of alternative design evaluation. To reuse the models or to make any changes or updates please use the ADONIS Community Edition tool for business process management which can be downloaded here:

A step by step guide to downloading the ADONIS Community Edition and importing the ADL file is available in the Annex II of the deliverable D4.3 Pilot Domain Reference Models.


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